Matt Kaplan's Research

I currently work at NVIDIA. Much of this research is work done with the Labri group at INRIA in Bordeaux, France, the ARTIS group at INRIA in Grenoble, France and the GDC graphics group at the University of Utah.

Here are some links to web pages for papers I have published.

Reconstructing the Frontal Geometry of Drawings of Arbitrary Surfaces - coming soon

Fast Quantitative Invisibility - coming soon

Producing Models From Drawings of Curved Surfaces

Interactive Watercolor Rendering with Temporal Coherence and Abstraction

A Generative Model For Dynamic Canvas Motion

Pattern Oriented Remeshing For Celtic Decoration
Celtic Knots

Computer Generated Celtic Design
Artistic Bunny
Interactive Artistic Rendering
Blank Head Model Painted Head Model
Painting Textures with a Haptic Interface