Here are some links to pictures I have to photo albums I have posted.

Scotland and Ireland with Jo and Craig
My going away party in Salt Lake City
Carnivale in Venice and the Winter Olympics in Torino
My birthday party in Bordeaux
Photos of Cayden.
My parents trip to visit me in Bordeaux over Christmas
My first trip to St.Emilion
My second trip to St.Emilion
Blaye and La Rochelle
The Tamborada festival in San Sebastien and Biarritz
London and Stonehenge with my little sister Eva
4 part series of my summer vacation in 2006, very loosely partitioned
Part 1 - Geneva and Rome
Part 2 - Athens
Part 3 - Cairo
Part 4 - Cairo and Istanbul
Motorcycle trip through Spain and the Pyrenees
Visiting the chateaux of the Loire valley
Trip to Mexico 2008

Click on a picture you want to see to view the full size version, but be warned, these pictures are huge.