Interactive Watercolor Rendering with Temporal Coherence and Abstraction

Adrien Bousseau, Matt Kaplan, Jošelle Thollot and Francžois X. Sillion ARTIS/GRAVIR-INRIA Grenoble


This paper presents an interactive watercolor rendering technique that recreates the specific visual effects of lavis watercolor. Our method allows the user to easily process images and 3d models and is organized in two steps: an abstraction step that recreates the uniform color regions of watercolor and an effect step that filters the resulting abstracted image to obtain watercolor-like images. In the case of 3d environments we also propose two methods to produce temporally coherent animations that keep a uniform pigment repartition while avoiding the shower door effect.

NPAR 2006, Conditionally Accepted
Here is a link to a pre-publication version of the paper

Sample images (click for a larger view):