About twelve years ago, I began taking classical guitar for the first time. I had been taking rock guitar for several years at that point and the classical technique was sort of a revelation for me. Fingerstyle guitar is a successful blending of classical techniques with popular song forms, though it is not limited to that. Lately, I have been taking off in different directions, trying to test the limits of the guitar. I've been doing lots of experimental stuff, with reasonable success.

To that end, this page is devoted to the musicians who have (in my humble opinion) made fingerstyle guitar great and the techniques they use to accomplish it. There is information on specific artists, tablature, and lessons.

Unfortunately, all I have up at the moment is a set list of the songs I perform in concert. But, hopefully, I'll add more stuff here soon.

Even in this shoddy excuse for a guitar page, there is absolutely no excuse for not having a link to the OLGA (On Line Guitar Archive) through harmony central's nicely organized front end.

I guess to start this page, I'm going to list some of the artists who have make fingerstyle guitar great. Hopefully I'll fill in information on when I have time. These guys are the greats and are definitely worth checking out. If anyone is thinking of learning more about fingerstyle guitar, or just hearing incredible music performed by virtuosos, check these guys out... This will definitely help your playing!

These are both images of a model I made of my guitar using the Alpha 1 modeling system. The images were rendered with Renderman by Don Nelson. Thanks Don!