I'm a huge fan of billiards. Mainly American style 8-ball, 9-ball and Straght Pool. I should be a poster child for the misspent youth of America. I got a job my freshman year in college at the pool hall and the rest was history. I've played for about 4 years now and what always strikes me about pool is it's infinite variability and endless mental challenge. For me, it's perhaps more about an intense mental effort than a physical one. There's really not much here yet but, as with my whole site, this is a work in progress.

Some links for your edification:

  • The Billiard Congress of America - it's got everything.
  • The Billiard Search Engine-pretty cool.
  • How to Avoid Being Hustled - fun and not long.
  • Billiards Glossary
  • Pool and Billiard Magazine-excellent site
  • Neon Gallery-lots of cool overpriced posters.
  • The Billiard Zone - Lots of good stuff
  • Billiards Digest - another good one.