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These are all pictures from my sophomore year in college. I've improved since then so when you see these, be kind. I was using myself as a model a lot, being the only free model who I could get consistently, so you'll see a lot of that here. I've continued this theme in a lot of my more recent stuff as well. It's not necessarily narcissism, I'm just cheap. One of these days, I'll get around to scanning all the nudes I did when I was in Paris.

[Self portrait with long hair.] [Taken from an image of Nosferatu, the movie from the early 1900's. The features are changed a little to
 look a bit like me.] [Torso. Self Portrait #1. From a series of paintings I did that I called self portraits as a joke. They all were clearly not me and not even the same person. Everyone thought it was pretty funny. In retrospect, I really hope they were laughing with me...] [Legs. Self Portrait #2. Clearly not me.] [Drawing for a final project that I did for the class. The head is supposed to look like me. Can you see a theme here?] [Self portrait after Rembrandt.] [Rembrandt copy.] [Arm. Self Portrait #3. Clearly not me.]

These pictures are from when I was studying art at L'Ecole Des Beaux Arts in Paris. I was taking a nude figure drawing class and a painting class. These are from the figure drawing class and I should put more up every so often as a I find time to scan things in.

self portrait self portrait woman woman woman

The quality of these scanned images isn't the greatest but they should be sufficient to get a sense of the paintings.

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